Saturday, December 12, 2009

I woke up Steve

Hope you are feeling better!

Great work on the Blog! I appreciate it and it sparked an idea as well - two ideas actually.

One is the name of the layout. I'm thinking about a change. Maybe something like the "Queen City and Allegheny Western" or "Queen City & Allegheny Summit" or "Cumberland & Wills Mountain Division" or "Cumberland & Allegheny Summit."

Still kicking it around.......

Another idea is related to the general layout of the basement and the location of the bathroom. The planned bathroon being located where it is - is based on the stubbed end for the water and sewerage plumbing. However, the thought occurred that why have the bathroom over on the far side at all? Why not have it somewhere around where the sump is located? Remember where it is? Directly under the green board of the wall under the stairs. Having the bathroom in the center area would allow for keeping the train stuff and the associated dust and dirt on one side of the house and have the living space at the other - closer to the steps and the main living area upstairs.

What do you think?


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